Board of Parochial Education

Our Savior Lutheran School has been the primary ministry of Our Savior Lutheran Church for nearly 80 years.  The Board of Parochial Education is the church Board tasked with general support and oversight for the school ministry.  Every year the Board considers and approves the school budget, staffing decisions, as well as other general matters.  All members of the Board of Parochial Education are members of Our Savior Lutheran Church elected by Our Savior Lutheran Church's Voters Assembly to two year terms.  

The Board meets monthly with School and Church leadership.  

Current Board members are:

Andy Adams Chairman
Jason Stephens Secretary
Jeff Pampell Member
Adam White Member
Roger Synnott Member
Craig Valka Member
Mel Derong Member
Guy Bender Member


Questions can be submitted directly to the Board of Parochial Education via email at