Church/School relationship


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Our Savior Lutheran Church was established in 1945 by a small band of faithful Christians who gathered together in what was then the far northwest edge of the city of Houston, rapidly growing as World War II drew to its conclusion. The goal of our forefathers was to establish a congregation whose programs would reflect the full gamut of the biblically defined ministries of a Christian church. Word and sacrament worship, teaching the Word of God actress the age spectrum in a variety of different programs, most notably the establishment of a Lutheran Day School, fellowship organizations to enable various age and interest groups to share the faith with one another, and evangelism programs to carry the message of salvation into the community around us. Each and all of these groups are the expressions of the nature of the church as defined by Holy Scripture and all shared a common focus on the Word of God as the heart and core of this congregation. That common identity and unity of purpose have defined the total program of our church from her beginning. It has enabled us not only to work together in harmony but to maintain a clear perception of every part of our overall ministry as an integral part of what it means to be the church of our Savior in this place. We are one ministry dedicated to “The Glory of God and the Salvation of Men."