Logic School

Grade 6-Grade 8

OSL's Logic School expands the foundation of skills  developed in Elementary School and presents a challenging core curriculum enriched by increased extracurricular activities.  Our dedicated teachers help students meet their full potential and prepare for high school.  With a Christ centered community, and  genuine concern for each one, our teachers guide our Logic school students as they develop the tools to become independent learners as well as team players .  Most importantly, our teachers help students cultivate their faith in the Lord.

Commitment to Balance

Beginning in Logic School, students change classrooms for all of their subjects.  Logic school students choose a fine arts elective - art, band, or choir.  We offer math through Algebra I. Algebra 1 is available for high school credit.  Students enjoy daily recess time outdoors after lunch.  Upper Grammar School and Logic School students attend a weekly chapel service led by the pastor in the church sanctuary. Throughout the year, there are opportunities for leadership and community service.

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