House System

Our Savior Lutheran School takes pride in our traditional approach to education and our classical learning environment and curriculum.  One way in which we promote unity and school spirit in a traditional way is through the House System.

The OSL House System connects students with each other beyond their grade level and immediate social circle.  For younger students, it provides a connection with older students, creating opportunities to find a student mentor, and increases their sense of belonging within the school community.  The House System is an opportunity for younger students to be part of a "team" before they are old enough to participate in team sports at school.  For older students, the House System  provides opportunities to show leadership and encouragement to the younger students.

The House System at OSL has four houses: Aquilae, Oculus, Rostrum, and Talonis.  These House names are Latin terms for the features of an eagle, OSL's mascot.  Students remain in their assigned House throughout their time at OSL, and family members are placed in the same House.

Members of each House earn points for their respective Houses through a variety of activities during the school year, including participation in athletics, academic competitions, choir, band, attendance at sporting events, and other extra-curricular activities.  The Houses also participate in team-building exercises and social activities throughout the school year, as well as community outreach and service opportunities. House activities take place monthly and are eagerly anticipated by the students.

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House System
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